Robot 2.0 vs Aiyaary Box office collection, Budget & Screencount


Robot 2.0 vs Aiyaary Box office collection

Robot 2.0 vs Aiyaary Box office collection
Robot 2.0 vs Aiyaary Box office collection

On the start of 2018, there are two big movies are releasing. One is Robot 2.0 and second one is Aiyaary. Robot 2 is directed by S. Shankar, while Aiyaary 2018 film is directed by Neeraj Pandey. Aiyaary is a crime Drama film. Robot 2 is scheduled to release on 25th January 2018, while

Aiyaary is scheduled to release on 26th January 2018. Aiyaary movie is based on a real life incident, while robot 2 is sequel of 2010 movie Robot/Enthiran. Robot 2.0 is a science fiction movie. These two films are going to be clash on this January2018 at box office.

Robot 2.0 vs Aiyaary Starcast

Robot 2 vs Aiyaary both films has big starrcast. Robot 2 has Akshay Kumar, Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson in main lead role. Aiyaary movie has Sidharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpai in lead role. 2.0 has Sudhanshu Pandey and Adil Hussain as a supporting role, while Movie Aiyaary has big legends like Anupam Kher and Naseeruddin Shah.

In the film Robot 2 Akshay Kumar will seen as Villian Dr.Richard and Rajinikanth will play a character of doctor Vassegaran. In Aiyaary film Siddharth Malhotra will portrays a role of Vijay Bakshi and Manoj Bajpai will play a character of Abhay Singh.

Robot 2.0 vs Aiyaary Budget

No doubt robot 2.0 budget is way more than Sidharth Malhotra starrer Aiyaary. 2.0 have approx 450 crores budget. Aiyaary budget is not yet revealed by the producers. As per source budget of Aiyaary will be around 50 to 60 Crore. Robot 2.0 is a science fiction film and it needs lot of VFX and animation work, so that’s why 2.0 budget is high.

Robot 2.0 vs Aiyaary Screencount

Screencount of both the movies are not yet confirmed. According to Source robot 2.0 screen count will between 5000 (Domastic + overseas) and Aiyaary screen count will be under 4500 (Domastic + Overseas)

Robot 2.0 vs Aiyaary Box office collection

Rajnikant’s previous Robot has crossed 300 crore Total box office collection in 2010. As per our opinion This time Robot 2 will cross 600 to 800 crore total box office collection. Recently Robot 2.0 making video was uploaded by Lyca production. After watching the robot 2.0 making video I am damn sure that the film definatly will touch 900 crore mark. Robot 2.0 first day collection will be 15 to 20 crore. Robot 2.0 will crore 100 crore mark easily in first 5 to 6 days.

Aiyaary film will not do good business as they are releasing the film opposite of Rajnikant movie. Aiyaary first day box office collection will be 4 to 8 crore.

Sidharth Malhotra’s A gentleman movie also did not do well business at box office. A gentleman manages to colllect 4.04 crore on first day. At end of the sixth day A gentlemen earns 18.47 crore.

  • Robot 2.0 first day box office collection : 15 to 20 cr (Prediction)
  • Robot 2.0 2nd day box office collection : 18 to 24 cr (Prediction)
  • Robot 2.0 3rd day box office collection : 20 to 25 cr (Prediction)
  • Robot 2.0 first weekend box office collection : 48 cr (Prediction)


  • Aiyaary 1st day box office Collection : 4 to 5 Cr (Prediction)
  • Aiyaary 2nd day box office Collection : 6 to 7 cr (Prediction)
  • Aiyaary 3rd day box office Collection : 7 to 8 cr (Prediction)
  • Aiyaary first weekend box office collection : 12 to 18 cr (Prediction)

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